What we do!

The Seychelles Patients Association seeks to amplify the patient’s voice through intelligent

  • Lobbying,
  • Media campaigns,
  • Publicity stunts,
  • Appeals through letters and petitions
  • Policy briefs

The Association tries to exert significant influence on the policy processes on matters that concern patients.

The Association

  • organizes patients and relatives of patients into action groups and mutual support groups;
  • develops, in consultation with others,  resources for capacity building of all its target groups;
  • builds capacity of patients and relatives so that they fully know their rights and responsibilities, their illnesses and how the health care system operates;
  • influences health and social care professionals and policy makers to be person-centred (focusing on the rights and dignity of patients and their relatives, compassion, communication, care coordination and continuity of care);
  • recognizes individuals and teams who demonstrate excellence in person-centred health and social care by conferring awards on them and
  • raises funds to achieve our goals.
  • participates in various types of campaigns including health promotion campaigns and blood donation campaigns.