1. To differentiate itself from other patient advocacy groups in the country, the Seychelles Patients Association will seek to remain a grass root organization operating at community level and doing most of its major activities in the community and in the places where people live, work and play. The Association shall not do any activity in posh hotels. It shall choose to do them in community centres and similar venues. The Association shall also conduct home visits and seek to hear people’s issues in their own environments.
  2. The Association shall seek to also remain in close contact with the most marginalized groups in the community as long as these groups and individuals are genuinely trying to do something worthwhile for themselves to improve their situation or are genuinely seeking help if they cannot do much on their own.
  3. Because resources and time are limited and no Association can do everything for everyone, this Association shall not waist resources and time on individuals or groups who, according to the majority of members of the Association’s Committee, do not want to do anything for themselves or who are unreasonable in their demands or expectations. The Association shall leave this particular group of individuals and field of operation to other organizations who are better able and willing, to have an impact there.
  4. In all its actions, the Association shall focus primarily in the domain of prevention, health literacy, patient empowerment and in developing the right entente between care givers and care receivers. It shall not seek to make big, impressive donations of such as donation of cash, (which it does not have anyway), medical equipment or ambulances. When it has to part-finance anything, it shall only part-finance the production and dissemination of patient information and empowerment material or capacity building processes leading to prevention, health literacy, patient empowerment or better entente between care givers and care receivers.
  5. The Association shall as much as possible not employ permanent full-time staff and shall keep its overheads as low as possible.
  6. In order to remain as independent as possible in its views on matters of national health policy, the Association shall attempt to not seek any core funding from Government.