Our Projects

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Outreach activities in hard to reach neighbourhoods

This forms a major component of our work. We reach out to people who may be left behind by their physical location or by their social circumstance and we begin to put them in contact with basic services. We use basic health checks as an entry point for more relevant age-appropriate screening tests. We contribute to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal by also offering HIV tests.

Commemoration of World Patient Safety Day and Patient Solidarity Day

September 17th and the first Saturday in December are set aside for World Patient Safety Day and Patient Solidarity Day respectively. We focus a lot of our attention on commemorating these two important days and on raising awarenesss on pertinent patient issues. We take our cues from the World Health Organization (WHO) to commemorate World Patient Safety Day and from the International Association of Patient Organizations (IAPO) to commemorate Patient Solidarity Day.

Blood Donation Advocacy

Conducting a humble blood drive was one of the very first activities we conducted as an association after our inception in 2015. 

The need to motivate more of our fellow citizens to voluntary give blood remains.

Seychelles Patients Association is henceforth working with the National Blood Transfusion Centre to increase the number of blood donors and to also recognize the contribution of blood donors to society.

We are linking this recognition with the commemoration of Patient Solidarity Day in December.

Patient Support Groups

Seychelles Patients Association initiates support group (s) to

a) Provide compassionate environments for peers who accept and understand each other, to talk freely on issues they want to share.

b) Provide participants with support and the necessary tools needed to assist them in living more meaningful and healthy lives

Group Sipor Pour Pasyan 

Patient Centered Care Symposium from the patient perspective

Seychelles Patients Association brings together key health actors and key patient advocacy organizations in discussions  on patient-centered care as seen from the patient perspective.

Patient Participation Forum

Seychelles Patients Association has introduced Patient Participation Forum (PPF)  to provide a platform for interaction between health service users and health care workers. The PPF seeks to  improve communication between care providers and health service users in the planning, implementation and evaluation of services with a view to improve  the quality of services within the confines of the given resources.  The conduct of Patient Participation Fora are here to stay.

Patient Support Line

This is the number (2539925) that patients or their relatives can call for inquiries and other support that falls within the mandate of the Association.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Seychelles Patients Association works with health authorities and supports the periodic conduct  of Patient Experience Surveys. 

Education of the public on their rights and responsibilities as patients

Seychelles Patients Association  produces and diffuses as many spots and videos in the broadcast and social media as possible and messages in the print media as a form of patient education on their rights and responsibilities.

Patient Advocacy Centre (PAC)

Seychelles Patients Association wants to initiate a Patient Advocacy Centre.

The Patient Advocacy Centre shall hold a directory of vital contacts and other critical information that patients/relatives can make use of.

The Patient Advocacy Centre shall assist patients with any matter of concern to them and link them up with the right services.

Patients or their relatives can phone the number 2539925 for assistance even now. A friendly voice will always be ready to help.

Membership Enhancement 

The Association continues to invite as many ordinary, corporate and honorary members as possible to strengthen our patient advocacy efforts. We intend to reach a membership of 100 active advocates and we are not far from this target.

We have introduced Charity Awards and Benevolence Awards in recognition of those who support our work financially.


One thought on “Our Projects

  1. A very good initiative .I pledge to support the group in whatever way i can .For such a small country we have too many health issues n we need to address those and help those who are affected.


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