Members of the FOUNDING Executive Committee of Seychelles Patients Association had medical, midwifery, nursing, economics, public relations, journalism, legal, human resources and administrative expertise. All are patients or former patients. Others have accompanied people who were near and dear to them, during their journey across the complex health care system.

The members of the Executive are:

Bernard Valentin  –  Chairperson-Advocate

Background in Medicine and Health Management

Marie Antoinette Laurence – Vice-Chairperson-Advocate

Background in Journalism and  Public Relations

Jean Malbrook – Treasurer- Advocate

Background in Economics

Danielle Porice – Secretary-Advocate

Background in Public Administration and Human Resources Management

Gemma Barbier

Background in Nursing and Midwifery

Annette Jolicoeur

Background in Human Resources Management

Neville Sinon

Background in  Public Administration

Juliana Esticot

Background in Law

Maizline Esther

Background in Business Administration



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