Hail to the new year! Words from the Chairman

Part of the Membership of Praslin Island who attended the Annual General Meeting. One person on social media noticed the absence of men. We need to work on our male membership. 

2020 has come and, in earnest, Seychelles Patients Association has started its new round of activity.

We are starting off with our annual general meetings. Since our membership is spread over three islands, we will try as much as possible to meet with the members of all three islands in separate meetings and share profound thoughts with them with regard to where the Association should be going throughout 2020 and beyond.

Whilst we will continue to implement the unfinished business of the 2019 workplan, this year we will also try, as much as possible, to delve into innovations so as to make the association as relevant as it can be.

As much as possible, we will try to impact the lives of patients who are hospitalized or are admitted in care institutions. We will look carefully at their environment of care and we will look closely at their basic human rights and to what extent these rights are being respected in the care setting.  We will draw lessons from our close observations to drive our advocacy work.

From the feedback we received from the first part of our AGM on Praslin on the 18th January, we will proceed and adopt the words “Sonny Nou Byen” as our tagline, trade mark and business name.

We will invite all our members to be as active as possible. This year, every member must do something for a patient or for several patients.

We hail the new year and we roll up our sleeves for some serious work ahead.