Support to first World Patient Safety Day

Victoria-based company, Double Click, partnered with Seychelles Patients Association in the commemoration of the first World Patient Safety Day on the 17th September this year.

The company presented a cheque of SR20,000 to the Vice Chairperson of Seychelles Patients Association (SPA), Mrs Maizline Esther, on Tuesday 20th August at the Head Office of DoubleClick on the 3rd floor of Orion Mall.

“With this much appreciated donation, SPA will produce short educational videos and other educational materials on patient safety,” says Vice Chairperson Maizline Esther.

“We all know that most of the time, health workers work extremely hard to restore our health and we are indeed grateful to them for that. However, patient safety is extremely important for us as a patient advocacy association.”

“We all want to feel safe when we use a health facility,” reaffirms the Director of DoubleClick, Muditha Gunathilake. “We do not want to be harmed through inattentiveness, negligence or incompetence,” he added. “DoubleClick is happy to help!”